Sun Jan 17 2021
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Production Process

Several tests are done to our products to guarantee accurate operating with high  quality with no risks,
of those tests:

  •  Visual inspection: where there is inspection on front view conformity with  drawing, inspection on
    surface being damaged, inspection on correction of parts installation and  correctness of cabling
    and labeling.
  • Mechanical inspection: here there is checking on all the mechanically  operating parts if they are
    functioning properly such as doors, also if the bolts and screw  connections are tightened with
    appropriate torque.
  • Electrical inspection: an inspection is done on the functions of timer, relay,  switch, circuit breaker,
    contactor, earth leakage relay, also current transformer circuit. beside the  high voltage tests phase
    to phase, phase to earth and phase to neutral according to IEC standard  for routine test.



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