Sun Jan 17 2021
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Our Product
Motor control Panel
  • Our Motor Control Centres, like all our equipment take into account the operating environment, cable entries, access into the plant room and where existing panels need to be replaced critical details such as the position and entry of the existing field wiring would be observed.
  • Modular sheet steel construction with epoxy powder coat finish, RAL 7032 as standard
    We offer the following options and facilities:
    •    Wall mounting or floor standing
    •    Top, bottom or special cable entry
    •    Front or rear cabling access
    •    Fixed withdrawable type
    •    Full range of instruments and metering to customers requirements
    •    Contactor, soft start and variable speed drives
    •    Local or remote control
    •    Wired to separate terminal chambers
    •    Local or remote manual controls
    •    Relay or PLC automatic controls
    •    Alarm systems
    •    BMS interface
    •    Special control systems to customers requirements


  • Waste water treatment plant panels


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