Mon Sep 21 2020
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Prisma Series

Today, our panels are designed and built to IEC standard. We are a certified panel builder for Schneider Electric .We supply low voltage switchboards of different sizes and capacities up to 6000 Amperes. We are a Prisma partner of Schneider electric in building type tested panels up to 3200 Amperes Production Capabilities. The safety of tested switchboards A dual guarantee A Prisma switchboard, tested and produced according to standards, offers its operator a dual guarantee:

    Use of dependable components, with platform tested assemblies.
    Rigorous final inspection.

Schneider commits its responsibility by 7 tests conducted in the laboratory, on the factory-built installation, distribution and connection systems. The panel builder also attests to the quality of his work by carrying out the 3 individual tests specified in the standard. These 10 tests guarantee the switchboards operational safety, as well as the safety of people and equipment from switchboard commissioning onwards and throughout switchboard service life.

As a certified Prisma partner, Melemco assembles and tests the Prisma switchboard. We carry out the 3 individual routine tests specified in the IEC stander


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